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Q: 11 Different Types of Watches You Should Know
A: In the timepieces market today, you’ll come across different types of watches. And as you try to get one that fits your style and personality, you may get overwhelmed. You may need a watch for corporate events, anniversaries or even birthdays. Each of these occasions demands a different watch. Hence, this post will provide the best types of watches in existence and how they match your taste and sense of fashion.1. Digital Watch This type of watch shows time using digits. Seconds, minutes, and hours are presented as numbers and not hands on a dial. 2. Automatic Watch Automatic watches move as you move your wrist. If you wear one daily, you may never have to wind it. Once the arm moves, the half-disc metal weight stores energy. And even when you’re not wearing the watch, at night, for example, the energy keeps the watch working. Its power can last for 24-28 hours.3. Dress Watch A dress watch is a pe ... Read more »
Q: Updates on Touch X Smart Watch
A: Watches, in the contemporary age, are made to tell time and do many other things. Touch X smart watch has been designed with state-of-the-art watchmaking engineering that redefines fashion and enhances practicality. If you prefer a wristwatch with minimalist design and high-quality materials, you need this unique timepiece.Discover the Touch X Smart Watch Have you ever wanted a watch with incredible functions? In an age where technology has simplified the human life, Touch X is a welcome innovation. It’s a combination of function and fashion, thanks to its remarkable craftsmanship.Classic Design Talk about its aesthetics and artful edge. The color blocking hand enables you to match it with your outfits and style. Also, the all-metal dial, stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, and gradient sunken scale are absolutely beyond the usual. They’re not only unique but long-lasting. More so, the Touch X battery has a customized powe ... Read more »
Q: 4 Different Kinds of Quartz Watch Battery
A: Quartz watches are powered by batteries and when they cease to tick correctly or tick at all, it may just be time to replace them. But how do you find a replacement if you don’t know the different kinds of quartz watch battery? Your knowledge of the battery cells that exist will help you to know which battery your watch needs and how to get it. Note, first of all, that a watch is powered by battery when you see “Quartz” written on it. Mechanical watches don’t require battery replacement. With this post, you’ll find the kind of quartz watch battery you need and confirm that it’s exactly what your watch needs.Kinds of Quartz Watch Battery The most common batteries which watchmakers use are:Varta watch batteriesRenata watch batteriesSony watch batteriesMaxell watch batteriesRenata Watch Batteries These batteries are produced by the Swatch Group responsible for manufac ... Read more »
Q: What You Should Know About the Endurance of the Quartz Battery
A: “How long should my watch battery last for”? remains a common question on the lips of many collectors of watches. For many people, it’s important to get value for money. And even when it’s an inexpensive watch, you still want to be sure that you’ll enjoy it for a minimum of two years. So, the first response to this is that the endurance of the quartz battery is typically four years. How do we know this? Read on. You’ll find out.What Choice of Battery Works in Quartz Watches? It’s a fact that quartz watches get their power from batteries which provide the electric current needed for the quartz crystal to oscillate accurately. To get a full grasp of the endurance of the quartz battery, you need to understand the watch you own. A new watch normally has a minimum of two years, and as it gets older, the durability reduces to a year. Most quartz watches use the 3 V lithium battery or the 1.55 V silver oxide battery. The smaller battery fits into analo ... Read more »
Q: What to Do If Your Watch Hand Cannot Work
A: Have you observed that your watch hand no longer ticks correctly? Apart from the need to change the watch battery in such a situation, you should find what is wrong with the hands. Different issues may be responsible for the hands not working as expected. Sometimes, the second hand could skip to send you a message about the battery. At other times, it could signal the need for maintenance. Read through this post to learn what to do if your watch hand cannot work correctly.Problems with Watch Hand Most watches have the second, minute, and hour hands. All three hands tick in accordance to the battery and electronic design. Some watches don’t come with the second hand, and this is often as a consequence of the longer lifespan of their batteries. When your watch hand cannot work, it may be a battery end-of-life indicator. This often plays out as the second hand skipping many times at once. Some watches have electric circuits that enable their wearer ... Read more »
Q: What are the Taboos of Wearing a Watch?
A: The fashion world requires that you wear your watch in a certain way. There are style rules that say things about the way you wear your watch and breaking these rules result in breaking the taboos of wearing a watch. Hence, this post contains watch wisdom that guides how you wear a watch.5 Taboos of Wearing a Watch1. Men who wear Small Watches This is one of the most popular taboos of wearing a watch, and it applies mainly to men. Men who wear small watches are often regarded as feminine. Women love to keep things chic and closely fitted to their style. Apart from this, small is attractive and womanly to an extent. So when a man wears a small watch that fits too firmly around his wrist, he “ceases” to be a man and enters into the “female world.”2. Lugs that Move Beyond Your Wrist When you wear a watch that extends beyond your wrist, it will pass for too big or poorly fitted. In the right way of w ... Read more »
Q: How to Maintain the Quartz Watch
A: For many people, how to maintain the quartz watch is a major concern. Yes, the mechanical watch requires more servicing and frequent repairs. But what processes are involved in keeping your quartz watch in good shape for the next two or more decades? We’ll go through the tips for elongating the life span of your watch, and hope you adopt them in your watch maintenance routines.What Forms of Maintenance does my Quartz Watch Require? Unlike mechanical watches, quartz watches rarely require excessive servicing. This is because they are battery-powered and not subject to winding or moving of parts. The only moving parts in the quartz watch is the gears which set the hands in motion. And this applies to only analog quartz watches, since digital quartz watches have no hands. Luxury quartz watches sometimes require oiling of their gears after about 10 years. However, the proper serving that the quartz watch needs happens during battery change. When yo ... Read more »