The fashion world requires that you wear your watch in a certain way. There are style rules that say things about the way you wear your watch and breaking these rules result in breaking the taboos of wearing a watch. Hence, this post contains watch wisdom that guides how you wear a watch.

5 Taboos of Wearing a Watch

1. Men who wear Small Watches

This is one of the most popular taboos of wearing a watch, and it applies mainly to men. Men who wear small watches are often regarded as feminine. Women love to keep things chic and closely fitted to their style. Apart from this, small is attractive and womanly to an extent.

So when a man wears a small watch that fits too firmly around his wrist, he “ceases” to be a man and enters into the “female world.”

2. Lugs that Move Beyond Your Wrist

When you wear a watch that extends beyond your wrist, it will pass for too big or poorly fitted. In the right way of wearing watches, you keep your watch some inches away from your wrist so that it doesn’t come so close to your palm. However, if you wear a watch that approaches your palm, you’ll be guilty of violating this watch rule.

3. Wearing a Watch on the Underside

Why wear a watch if you’ll rather keep the time to yourself? Apart from that, wearing a watch on the underside of your wrist does not get people attracted to it. All they see is the leather strap or metal band on your wrist. They can’t tell what model, movement or brand it is. This way, you can’t hope to draw attention to your watch or feel the confidence that comes with being asked “what’s the time?”

Another downside with this is that you expose your watch to scratch or other forms of accidents. So, even if you prefer this style of wearing watches, it’ll be good to rethink it and add years to the life of your watch.

4. Watch with a Dead Battery

As much as you think your watch is your “business,” that’s not always the case. You may be asked what the time is and obviously be expected to tell it from the watch on your wrist. However, if your quartz watch needs a battery replacement, such situation may make you feel awkward. The only way to save yourself then is to claim you didn’t know it had stopped or bring out your smartphone to give the correct time.

It’s better to not wear a watch at all than to wear one that’s only fashion minus function. A watch’s first purpose is to tell the time, not complement your dressing.

5. Leather Strap in Summer

Are you also guilty of wearing a leather strap dress watch to the beach or while touring? One of the taboos of wearing a watch is putting on leather during heat. If you go to the beach with leather on, get ready to see it ruined by sand and salt water.

The better replacement is the divers watch or a rubber strap. And you don’t have to get a new watch; you can simply change the leather strap to silicone or rubber during the hot weather.

Now that you know the top five taboos of wearing a watch, we hope that you’ll be more intentional about caring for your watch and selecting the right watch to fit.

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