Watches, in the contemporary age, are made to tell time and do many other things. Touch X smart watch has been designed with state-of-the-art watchmaking engineering that redefines fashion and enhances practicality. If you prefer a wristwatch with minimalist design and high-quality materials, you need this unique timepiece.

Discover the Touch X Smart Watch

Have you ever wanted a watch with incredible functions? In an age where technology has simplified the human life, Touch X is a welcome innovation. It’s a combination of function and fashion, thanks to its remarkable craftsmanship.

Classic Design

Talk about its aesthetics and artful edge. The color blocking hand enables you to match it with your outfits and style. Also, the all-metal dial, stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, and gradient sunken scale are absolutely beyond the usual. They’re not only unique but long-lasting. More so, the Touch X battery has a customized power optimization system that guarantees precisely 300 days.

Touch X also has an 8 MM slim design and a 3ATM water resistance capacity. Its thin case was made using semiconductor high-density advanced packaging technologies. While the men watch uses the MIYOTA 2035 movement, the women watch has the MIYOTA 2025 movement, both with an SR626SW battery.

Another amazing feature of the updated Touch X is its revolutionary touch ability. The watch glass combines hand gesture recognition with brilliant touch technology. It connects to Bluetooth 4.0 on devices with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.3.

Touch X can also be used to take pictures, get filtered notifications, and memo notifications. In fact, it can perform as a smart alarm. Likewise, its invisible antenna made of thin film and sapphire glass doubles the watch’s 100% distance sensitivity, producing even better connection.

Equally, this smart watch allows you to do everything – from business transactions, staying in touch with family and friends, workouts, location prompt to finding your missing phone. Let’s explain how this works.

Phone Speed Dial

Activate your phone’s speed dial by sliding your finger across the screen of your watch. Your watch becomes a remote control that allows you to easily access your contacts.

Location Finder

By drawing a circle on the watch screen, you can help your emergency contact to know where you are in a dangerous situation.

Phone Finder

Possessing a Touch X Series will remove the fear of losing your phone. Simply press your watch screen for up to two seconds, and your phone will ring immediately.

Workout Partner

In the absence of close friends or family, Touch X can be your companion. Draw two vertical lines on the screen of your watch and it will count your steps as you walk or jog.

Touch X Series

The advanced touch experience and exquisite style which Touch X offers exceed most timepieces. The available series include:

Touch X01
Touch X02
Touch X03
Touch X04

The updated Touch X smart watch is the future of timepieces, and that future is now. Visit the store to purchase yours now!

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