In the timepieces market today, you’ll come across different types of watches. And as you try to get one that fits your style and personality, you may get overwhelmed. You may need a watch for corporate events, anniversaries or even birthdays. Each of these occasions demands a different watch. Hence, this post will provide the best types of watches in existence and how they match your taste and sense of fashion.

1. Digital Watch

This type of watch shows time using digits. Seconds, minutes, and hours are presented as numbers and not hands on a dial.

2. Automatic Watch

Automatic watches move as you move your wrist. If you wear one daily, you may never have to wind it. Once the arm moves, the half-disc metal weight stores energy. And even when you’re not wearing the watch, at night, for example, the energy keeps the watch working. Its power can last for 24-28 hours.

3. Dress Watch

A dress watch is a perfect wristband for a tuxedo, business suit or dinner jacket. It is simple, elegant, and fascinating. Its function is to tell time, and it does that while also rewarding your look.

4. Pilot Watch

Also known as Aviator Watch, this watch is designed for pilots. Fortis Aviatis has been providing a wide collection of this, and they are durable and stylish at the same time.

5. SmartWatch
Smartwatches are as good as smartphones. They come with apps and touchscreen abilities. These watches can also record heart rate and monitor habits. Likewise, you get to enjoy their portable size when you wear them.

6. Quartz Watch

An electronic oscillator keeps a quartz watch working. They often need battery replacements since the quartz depends on the electric current.

7. Field Watch

Officers in the military have continued to depend on field watches to tell time. Of all the types of watches, this is the most rugged, fashionable, and functional. It is perfect for the battlefront and attacks.

8. Chronograph Watch

Also called “stopwatch”, the chronograph is easy-to-use. If you get involved in races or similar events from time to time, you’ll find this watch very handy. You only need to press the button on the side to start or stop. It owes its power to the attached chronograph function.

9. Diving Watch

Divers find this watch suitable, as it allows them to go underway without any worries that the watch will lose its function. One of its features is the 100-330 m water resistance. With the aid of modern technology, there can be more Dive watches with higher water resistance.

10. Analog Watch

This watch is closer to the traditional types of watches. On the dial, you have the second hand, minute hand, and 12 numberings or Roman numerals.

11. LED Watch

If you’ re familiar with the light-emitting diode, you’ll understand how this watch works. It contains tiny ultra-bright light bulbs which give the watch an impressive and chic design.
Now, a question for you, do you remember the pocket watches? They were pretty mobile and classic back in the days.
So, with your newly gained knowledge of the different types of watches, can you pick your favorite brand or model? And of course, at, you can always select watches that increase your brilliant collection of timepieces. Contact us now!

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